Soft & Shiny Strands

Goodbye to hard, flaky curls! Softly revamp those wavy strands by infusing healing nutrients.


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Like the rest of your temple, each part of your hair has specific needs. The roots on your crown need a highly nourishing serum that won’t feel greasy. Hydration gives you soft & shiny strands. And brittle ends are restored with a deep healing balm.

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If curl and wave defining products leave your hair feeling stiff and prone to breaking, it’s time to try something new. Our anti-frizz, waves and curls definer formula feeds your hair with the right ingredients to soften and define each strand of your hair.

Use it after showering when your hair is still moist. Rub a few drops of Soft & Shiny Strands serum on your hands, flip your head forward and pat on your hair. This is a nutrient rich serum, so the more often you use it, the softer and shinier your hair naturally becomes.

Weight2.5 oz
Dimensions1 × 1 × 3 in

1 review for Soft & Shiny Strands


    My hair is semi curly, I tried so many products to define my curls but nothing really ‘held up.’ My hair would get puffy or flat depending on what I used, but not with this serum. When I use this product, my curls are so soft and last all day. And I only need a little bit, so one bottle lasts a long time.

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