Waterproof Balm

Every Day Use Mineral Sunblock

Raspberry Seed Oil naturally offers up to 50 SPF, so we added it to your sunblock.


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We all need a lil’ Sunshine Vitamin on a daily basis. Vitamin D is naturally produced by our body when we are exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D helps fight disease, reduces depression and… yes, it helps shed those extra pounds. So, go out and get some sun!

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Step outside and get your daily dose of Sunshine Vitamin while protecting over-exposed areas of your body (your left arm when you’re driving, for example). Natural sunlight is a precursor for health and vitality but as with all good things, moderation and protection is the key to a good balance.

Our Every Day Use sunblock goes on lightly, it does not leave a whitish trace. It doubles as mosquito repellent and triples as a balm for insect bites.

Dimensions2.75 × 1 in

1 review for Every Day Use Mineral Sunblock

  1. Kristen North (verified owner)

    The sunblock goes on very easily. It takes only a tiny bit to cover your face. It has a nice fragrance and you don’t feel the sun’s rays glaring down on you.

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