We care about you and your Loved ones.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Anything you rub on your skin (and your children’s skin) gets absorbed into deeper layers until it reaches your bloodstream. Think about how Poison Ivy or Jelly Fish cause inflamation, pain and potentially death, just by touching you!
The same is true about skin care products, and there are so many toxic ingredients lurking in them. Toxins that can cause cancer, hormone dysruptions, thyroid, lung and liver disease, infertility, the list can go on and on…

That's why we DO NOT use any:

We care about our planet.

When we arrive into this beautiful world we get: one life, one body, one planet. And who will take care of them if not us, people?
Small changes make a big difference. That’s why we avoid using ingredients that mine and pollute waterways, deplete natural resources, affect coral reefs, damage wildlife or release micro-plastics into the wild.

We DO NOT use any:


We use only 100% natural, renewable and sustainable ingredients. Renewable means that the ingredients we use are constantly being produced by Mother Earth, whether we use them or not! Flowers, trees, nuts, seeds, wax and butters. Sustainable means that we source our ingredients from socially responsible farms and producers. We buy raw material from caring people like you and me, who understand the need to take care of our Mother Earth because we are all connected. 

We want to earn your trust, that’s why we share with you our… 

Complete list of ingredients.